Design 1163 by Speciality Marine is a further development of the 544. The length has been increased for extra cabin space and twin jet propulsion and increased capacity (1300 L) fuel tanks. The aft deck is self bailing. This boat is suitable for fast cruising under most water and weather conditions on lakes and coastal waters.

The hull shape stems from the successful ORCA design with perfect characteristics for stability and handling at speeds in excess of 60 km/hour. Scantlings and construction comply with CE-category B (coastal waters).

As with most Specialty Marine designed hulls, the construction is a combination of longitudinal and transverse framing, making this a very sturdy yet easy to assemble boat, suitable for semi-professional usage. A large fuel tank below the aft deck and a large space below the foredeck make this boat suitable for several different applications.

The integrated “spray-rails” in the outer hull provide a unique combination of hull strength and streamlined outlook. Together with the Specmar patented “Delta Skipad” in the bottom Construction ensures a high stability and excellent sailing and handling characteristics.

Length 11,07
Beam 4,01
Deadrise degrees 17,00
Propulsion plant Inboard twin
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